Friday, May 29, 2009

The itsu theory

The world is conspiring but waiting for you to turn in your coin so that they may proceed with their plan to ----- to do what? thats up to you to decide.

I decide i will be happy - who stopped me - nothing but me only - and when i didnt - i saw the universe was waiting for me to smile - just i was waiting for - god knows what.

I was sad that day - the world was the enemy - the chat with even my dear sister was turning ugly - for what reason - i was sad - was i sad -

I am sad - the 'I' in that intrigues me so much that i cannot separate it from the sentence - it is the 'I' and not me that is sad - why should i be sad when i dont want to be that way - but the 'I' wants to be happy wants to be sad.

So how long am i gonna line on the whims of that 'I' - i dont want to - the world is a better place with a happier me - people are a bit better (even if it is just a perception - thats what creates my world) when i am too .

So lets just be happy - why - you ask me. Why not i ask you? In the end analysis you will close your eyes - and so will i - nothing will be left - just illusions kept by those numerous 'I's around you. What will matter is not what you made out of yourself - but what you left to the world - i am gonna leave smiles - as many as possible - as clean as possible - as innocent as possible - i strive for that. :)

Its the whole universe - waiting for your response - so what is it gonna be?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The rediscovery :D

All these days - how did i not think of doing this. It is so great. The experience is just too good. Too exciting. Man i wasted so many days.

But today it just happened - i heard songs while working. WOW ....

MUSIC IS GOD ........ man what a feeling.

I was transformed into a new world where there was so much fun - no botheration of what was happening around me. Just the beats of the song and the tapping of my computer keys - Brain working at twice the speed and fingers typing at a phenominal speed. Wowwwww .......

And then i left my place i was humming the tune - bouncing as i go - was there anything that i could not accomplish in that state. I was on the high.

Only thing i got to say - MUSIC IS GOOD. MUSIC IS GOD.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Please read this as a 1st standard hindi poem.

Chota tha tab mota tha
raat ko uthkey rota tha
mummy uthkey mujey sulati
aisa har din hota tha

thoda bada hua to school gaya
raaton mein uthna bhool gaya
teacher jab dekho chillati
aisa har din kaam kiya

ghar sey aya padhney ka jor
bola to mainey machaya shor
tution teacher roz padhati
har din karkey ho gaya bor

phir ayi college ki bari
padhai jaisey khatam ho gayi sari
girlfriend call kar mujhey bulati
har din hoti batey pyari

Hostel life to rocking thi
dosto key saath shocking thi
padhai jab kab yaad aati
wo exam key pehley ki mugging thi

iskey baad job karney laga
paisey key peechey bhagne laga
company itna kaam karati
masti maza bhulney laga

mummy ney phir karwa di shaadi
chin gayi bachi kuchi azaadi
biwi hardin mujhsey jhagadati
lagta ho gai barbaadi

dekhtey dekhtey ho gaye saal
sir par kuch bachey nahi baal
zindagi tab bhi khel dikhati
hardin sunati naya taal

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The king of the land
His treasure so grand
command over the forces
in glory he rejoices
leads his home
to glory untold
but somewhere on the way
without any say
they came to his court
with pomp and show
he liked them though
his minister advised
beware of them oh king
but the king was already blind
He could not see that they
were taking all away
his power and glory
had began to sway
out of his control
was going his regions
but he was enjoying
their magic and illusions
he grew weak to their call
his strength began to fall
his kingdom was now suffering
which was once heaven for all
but a quit voice in his court
did never left his side
it asked to king to return
but failed all that it tried
the king that once was supreme
was now on his knees
for trusting the wrong ones
he was paying the fees
but he was the king
none the less
with him all the power
and all the prowess
with strength in him
to undo it all
to take back the control
and not to fall
all he needs is to know this truth
that he is king and he is the one
the voice waits to be heard
the voice waits to be heard
the voice waits to be heard
it waits for the lost glory
it waits for a new story
it waits to see the light
it waits to see all the right
it waits coz it knows
which way the tide flows
it smiles at those who made it fall
and says - "ITS OVER NOW"