Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random train of thoughts

Water the great purifier - as is said in the scriptures. Because at those times polluted water was unheard of - the spirits and energy of the moving water and its purity was pristine. Taking a holy dip meant just that. Painful  - now there is hardly any water which i can simply drink from the stream without a doubt or fear. What are we doing??? What are we getting??? A little convenience at a cost too high to pay.

We think the tribals live a backward life - but in truth they live such a refined life - truly in sync with nature and its forces. No doubt we have  our TV's and Cars and mobile phones and internet - but apart from amusing ourselves - what is the use of all these. And why are you so idle that we have to invent ways to not be bored for doing nothing. Reading a book is a million times better than watching a soap anyday anytime. But no we dont/cant think that.

99% of the things we do are just to amuse ourselves in our free times. Those free times are because we have made daily activities very convenient - intelligence was bestowed on us to get rid of mundane activity  - but the purpose of that being that we use the time thus procured for progress - minute it maybe. Thats why we got intellect from nature while all other creatures are stuck in their activities. But intelligent that we are - we procured time out of mundane activities just to fill them with other stupid activities.

Nature has given the choice and the capacity to only one species - for a very important reason. And we are simply misusing the gift. Give it a thought - given to you is a brain so powerful - for a reason. Employ it rather than entertain it. I bet you will not regret it for sure. :)

Train of thoughts - interesting phrase - i think it is more of wild horses of thoughts. It runs in any direction - unlike trains.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

No thinking please

I wish i knew it earlier
I wish i knew it better
I wish i did not hurt you
I wish the road was straighter

I want to change things
I want to correct me
I want to learn from this
I want a better me

I wish I wish I wish I wish
I want I want I want I want


Now ACT period