Sunday, October 30, 2011

The demon i carry - resides in me
If you ever get a chance to see
Will you be the same - or different be ?
and its not just me - Its Everybody .......

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I smile - now you smile

Wanna bring a smile on your face today
For a moment maybe
but still writing this post just to do that ........ justified
Wont say i started of thinking about this post
hoping for a lot of people to read it
To comment
then i realised something - something i spoke with
someone recently, we were discussing
WHY facebook is so popular?
Just as in conversation i said - its the feedback
the likes
the comments
thats what drives people
thats why they are addicted to it so much
and the reply came - they all seeks so much external gratification

How much of it do i seek out of this one - I wonder ??????
Though i was trying to write something which
would appeal to someone - some reader and i will get a comment back
YES - i enjoy someone commenting on my posts
But felt bad that it was the comments i was trying to get
not writing my heart out

that saddened me

But i realised that the wish to make someone
when they might read this was also one of the motives
that felt comforting
that felt better
better than reading a comment
reason being it came from within myself
MY motive
MY choice

External gratification seems to much more enticing
We wait for someone to acknowledge
Then we mould our thoughts and actions
according to them
and lose this immense feeling of
that one can get just by being yourself

At this point - for only a moment maybe
i absolutely dont care about the comments i might get
on this post
but i hope someone read this - and thought about it
just for a Moment maybe
For me its the intentions that matter more
and i saw mine getting a bit clearer
feeling good
I am smiling
Hope you are too :)

PS : Have a great day.