Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Midsem Ordeal

The cool final years........ wow, great life at NITK. No studies.... guys placed... no tension.... no enthu for studies..... and computer games. Whew.. and now they had to keep the midsems just when we were enjoying the semesters.

Ya i know we must take the good along with the bad in this life.... but hey... why complain when i can play overnight anyday i want.

Of the few subjects i have MSD - the only killer thing, now you knoe its killer when classes is 6 hrs a day and 1 lab along with it for just 3 credits. Bah . proposterous. but who cares.

tomorrow midsems and yesterday till 4 a.m. we are playing on LAN. Now thats life. Wow (World of Warcraft). Saala addictive hai bahut jyada.

Itna kya karna jab ek din sabko marna hai...... live life kingsize..... enjoy :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

this is me

this is me
to state simply
clear in mind
what i have to find
searching my way
in this crazy place
gonna reach home
one of these days

not much of fuss
just like to laugh
zindagi mey thodi
bhul chuk maaf
account rakhna clear
yahi hai funda
galti kiya to khana
padega danda

life mey rule bas ek hi follow karta
jaisa jo karta waisa wo bharta

not great just me and my stupid rhyme
gotta go now m outta time