Thursday, September 29, 2011

I watch

Sitting by the side i watch it flow, as the waves go high and low. As it finds way across every rock in the way. It begins as a few drops - a few thoughts - some desires. Addition more and less of subtraction - it keeps increasing. Directs itself to the next thing in line - after the mountains, come plains and forests. Mixing in colours of the mud that it flows through - collecting the essence while leaving behind the rocks. Rocks dont move - they have to be left and it has to move ahead. It fell from a height trying to break the rock below - but its not a days work, it takes years. But it could dry up before that, sometimes even before reaching the ocean.

The flooding banks, meandering turns, the violent current and the calm flow. Come and go, its the path that decides and it just flows. It flows ............. and I watch.