Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

the ------ship that he made, set it sails

Some thought maybe or the situation
made him start building the ship -
The one he thought will travel
all the seven seas
Happy he was to start
Looking forward to all
Pleasant was the feel
that he enjoyed while doing this
Problems with their ways
came to him with surprise
He could have given up
but he chose to stick and fight
Never regretted the decision
He kept building it.....
The day then came -the ship at the docks
was ready to sail and go away
He was happy at the departure
for it was inevitable for the ship to leave
He was proud of what he made
and knew it was going away
but though so much close
he waved as it left the docks
it moved slowly at first, then fast
He watched it as it reached the horizon
He climbed the nearest tree to see it a bit longer
The image in his eyes never going to fade
the time he spent making it will never go in vain
The ship will brook the test of time and the seas
Happy or sad he could not tell
as he saw the ship going away away away ........

Its just the distance NOTHING else ....... :)
And everytime the ship will sail
He will be proud to have made it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From the other side

'Mom is what the doctors say true?'

Voice a bit weak and hesitant - 'What did you hear dear?'

'I heard you talking to them about daddy........' - with an anxious look that could burst into tears or happiness anytime now.

'No baby nothing is going to happen to daddy' - a bit more composed but the lie was evident.

With trembling voice this time - 'You are lying i know daddy is going to be born' - bursting into tears - 'i know what i heard'.

Seeing no point to hide anymore - tears start rolling.

'Its nothing dear, all those who die have to get born again - thats the rule of the universe. I knew this could happen someday - but didnt expect so early'

'Cant he be dead for some more time. Why is god doing this?'


with anxiety - waiting out | with anxiety - waiting out
of the hospital room wait- | of the hospital room wait-
ing for the result ------- | ing for the result -------

'I am sorry Ma'm, we tried | 'Congradulations Sir , you
all we could but we couldnt| have become a father......'
save your husband........' |


It doesnt end where you think it does .............. it is just another beginning :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Asa Nisi Masa

"hello ma'm, i am Rajesh Shrivastav speaking. My employee number is 0960, i just wanted to point out that in your records my manager is Mr.Jacob D'souza but i have been working under Mr.Ram Mohan for the last 3 months, could you please update your records."

"Are you alright Mr.Rajesh?"

"Why do you ask that??"

"There is no person named Mr.Ram Mohan in the company who could be your manager......... are you sure you are talking about the right person."

"Ma'm i am quite sure, he sits on the second floor room number #210. I have been having regular meetings and was working with him all this time."

"Mr.Rajesh if this is any kind of joke, then let me tell you that it is not being appreciated at all, you should not be playing around in the professional environment. There is no roon #210 on the second floor. Please take care that such things are not repeated. Thank you" -- click ..... beep beep beep beep beep .......

(Whats happening with me?)

Rajesh gets up from his seat - without any thoughts moves toward the room #210 on the second floor where he used to meet with Mr.Ram Mohan. Something was different today for him. Things were just not the same. The place looked different - though it was never that he had taken time to observe it - he was a workaholic - concerned with nothing more than work. Work is Worship was true for Rajesh and he was very pious at that.

The conversation was being rerun in his head all the while - (Are you alright Mr.Rajesh........... kind of joke ....... not be playing around ..........).

The room was around the next corner. He was getting anxious, but confidant that there was some mistake - maybe someone was playing a prank on him. He was damn sure about Mr.Ram. They had talked so much - about the work and the details he discussed with him - he used to report to him. And now what he was hearing was not at all making any sense to him. He turned around the corner to see the door there, without any hesitation he opened it.

It was just the same as it always was - more importantly it was there. The chair the desk he took the chair there and waited for Mr.Ram.

This gave him time to think back, still confused with the incident that had just happened with him - he was still not completely out of it. He couldnt come up with possible reasons why someone would say something like this to him. He just concluded the lady to be a complete gone case - that was the only thing that relieved him from the anxiety.

He heard footsteps from a distance. He waited for them to come closer. He was hoping it was Mr.Ram. The door clicked open - and a middle aged man walked into the room.

Rajesh was relieved to see him. A deep breath was released from him. Rajesh didnt speak anything - the man simply entered the room and walked to the window nearby. Waited for a while there and then turned, smiled and spoke -

"So how are we doing today Mr.Rohit?" ............

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Found you there :)

The eyes got brighter
The load a bit lighter
The way ahead of me
seemed not that long
when random thoughts
in my mind found you there :)

The smile got broader
The brain a bit smarter
The day ahead of me
seemed not that bad
when random dreams
in my mind found you there :)

The heart got calmer
The pain a bit sublimer
The work ahead of me
seemed not that hard
when random feelings
in my mind found you there :)

The life got better
and me a bit happier
The life ahead of me
seemed only good
when random visions
in my mind found you there :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I wonder ......

Is there anything good - is there anything bad
i wonder
Looking at the maze of life
Knowing not where to go
I see hurt and 'I' dont want it - so i call it bad
I see joy and 'I' want it - so i call it good
The doe was killed - a cub was fed
The doe was killed - a calf left alone
'Bad' is not bad - its part of life
'Good' is not good - its just another way
They both make the whole of what we call life
There is not any complication from where i see it
Coz it all is just what you do - and what i do
I Think - I act : You think - you act [FULL STOP]