Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My story of the universe :P

In darkness all around
nothing to be found
Everything there
Just not yet aware

No Time to pause
No effect , no cause
No space to be
No place to see

With bang it began
With energy it sprang
In directions everywhere
Now space was there

It started in a flash
increasing its span
Something was to follow now
So time began

A part of the energy
a bit later
Chose to be limited
and became matter

The system was in anarchy
No rules no laws
So energy and matter decided
To remove the flaws

They chose some rules
To be followed always
At every time
And every place

Some matter after a while wanted to be energy again
Moving round everywhere It tried to find some way
It met a few many who wished the same
They stuck together and star became

The universe never stopped expanding and distances grew
So they created wormholes so matter could get easily through
There were violators who didnt stick to their roles
They were punished by sending to the black holes

But after a while the fun was over
Everything was following the established order
The rules were perfected , the laws - fixed
Things got boring, something was missed

Matter borrowed some energy -
created something called life
All rules, all laws remained the same
except the rule of strife

The rock stayed a rock ,water stayed water
But life kept changing though its the same matter
Energy and matter found a new way to flow
it was fun, something new and different so

But after some time like repeating history
Life felt stuck and everything boring
The rule of strife, followed by life
led to the rise of -'the intelligent being'

Throughout the time things changed a lot
The energy and matter in life completely forgot
What it really was and how it began
In this ignorance it made its own plan

We are just the same energy thats everywhere
Anything else is just illusion
Which misguides us away from the truth
Adding to all the confusion

Lets see how things go onwards
Where going backwards is the way forward
We will sooner or later find our way
Just wait and watch till that day

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Earth being round was a joke....... wasnt it??

Its funny how the mind plays tricks on you. One moment you are up and ready to go ahead - full of confidence and bubbling with energy and then suddenly you are like a mountain on your shoulder. And all this because a small thing is out of place. The capacity of the mind to make an elephant out of ant is truly amazing.

How it harps on the negative aspect when the good things are blaring in front? Why does it do it? I wonder. I have been through a feeling like this quite a few times. Probably when something important is at stake, something we want with great intensity.

Whatever it is - its funny because when you think back it always proves to be stupid to have thought those negative things. But not when you are going through it. At such times one only needs someway or someone to show the positive and stick to it. Some take it to god, some to friends, some to family and some to themselves. It doesnt matter as long as you are able to get over it.

But then when out of it i wonder - if the mind has such a nice amplifier of negative thoughts - why cant it amplify the positive ones. Obviously it is capable of doing that - then do we somehow block it or dont let it develop? How Koool it will be if there was a negative amplifier after the amplifier of negative thoughts -- he he. So whenever you are in trouble or stress - you would spring into happiness and be cheerful. ------ WOW :D . Might sound stupid - but then sometime back even earth being round was a joke. :P

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Its needed ???

It amazes me
How frequently
We normalize it
saying - 'Its needed'

It hurts me
How easily
We take a life
saying - 'Its needed'

It humours me
How subtlely
We justify greed
saying - 'Its needed'

It pains me
How comfortably
We destroy nature
saying - 'Its needed'

It destroys me
How time and again
I do all this
saying - 'Its needed???'

PS :- More important needed by whom? - JUST ME ME ME ME