Monday, August 23, 2010

Zindagi Hasin Hai

Bheed mein akela lekin tanha nahi
Hazaro Raasto mein ghar hai kahi
Logon ki bheed mein dost hai kayi
Naye hai raahey manzil hai nayi

Chahta hu saath kuch aur logon ka
Jinkey saath seekha hai matlab zindagi ka
Kuch unki hasi mein bhi hass lu
Kuch unkey gam mein bhi ro lu

Zindagi tu hasin hai?
Ya mera nazaria?
Kyun sochu yeh main?
Zindagi tu hasin hai.

Monday, August 16, 2010

How to make a virtual environment..

After seeing the google's street view I wished to make a similiar thing for my own house. So that i can share with my friends and family the pictures of my new house in North Carolina State University in a different way. So i just came up with this way - i made some scripts using which you can easily generate the html pages.

To check out my first website go to :

If you too want to make this one just follow these steps :

1) First of all take the pics of the house in a systematic manner - so that for each view has a pic that corresponds to what you would see if you turn right - left - take a step in front and take a step back.

2) Download the following two scripts : -- --

3) For these scripts to run you will need perl : you can download it from

4) Install perl : its just a matter of double clicking and following the steps.

5) After downloading the scripts : type in your dos command prompt [which you can get by pressing windows-R and run 'cmd' in it]

Enter the name of the first pic : put the name of the starting point of your virtualization. Please put the first pics name as home and also rename the first pic to home.jpg

This is the name of the pic without the .jpg extension.
Continue answering the questions that follow and it will help you generate an html file with the name pic_layout.csv.

6) Then run the other script : perl

While entering the paths - please enter the full paths for the directories to the locations where your pics are and the place where you want to store the generated html files.

When asked for the csv file enter the pic_layout [this was the file generated by]

7) All your html files are ready - just click any of the html files generated and you are good to go :).

I will write about hosting it online later. Because it is a lot of thing for the same post. :)
Please shoot me with any questions you have :) i will be glad to give you answers if that helps you get your environment virtualized. :)

These can be used for showing ways to people to reach your place - or it can be used to show your workplace to friends or colleges to friends.

Resources: -- for tutorials into html and perl
perl -
imagination - native to me and to you too

Friday, August 13, 2010

Have you observed that :-

If i cry -
the tears make it difficult to see
clearly what is in front of me

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From a distance

Have you ever seen yourself from a distance?

Your own smiles - your sadness - your goals - your beliefs - your faith - your existence.

Abstraction gives the power of detachment from yourself. Chance to see yourself from a different point of view. A chance to see yourself from an unbiased way - free from all the chains of your own desire - your own wishes - your own drives - your own concepts.

I see myself and and from a distance i cant help but smile - calm spreads in me whenever i do that - i see myself playing a game where my desires guide me - so much control they have on me that they decide whether i smile or frown - does a tear roll down - or i shout in anger. Do i cry or laugh - i see myself so much tied in these.

But even this has a fun of its own - to see the mind play games of jealousy and hate - of anger and pain - of joy and happiness. From a distance they seem so meaningless - but i cant stay that way too long. I have to return to being me. But every trip to that place gives me strength to overcome whatever i am facing - or always enhanced the happiness i am feeling.

At the end i realize i can take back my independence from all the vagaries that bother me. But not yet found a way to do that - from a distance i see it possible - back to myself i loose the sight of the way. From a distance i dont feel the pain of a loss coz i leave behind the desire to have it - from a distance i see all the fear melting away - from a distance the happiness seems so always present but i deny myself that all the time.

From a distance i see what i can be - but then return to being me........

Monday, August 2, 2010

He found ANGELs

A child was born
with a simple dream
To meet the angels
that nobody had seen

He searched the playground
He searched in the rain
He searched the temples
but all in vain

There is no such thing,
as Angels he was told
But never he stopped believing
even when he grew old

He questioned every person
He searched in every book
He searched in every corner
on the road that his like took

He stopped one day and thought
what was he trying to find
Like the morning's ray on a dew drop
The answer he realised

His heart filled with warmth
His face with a smile
And sillyness of finding answer
which was there all the while

The next time he saw, he said
"I found you in the end"
With a smile on his face
He was looking at his friend.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

No Way Back

i used to play
in garden all day
but somehow i began
to walk away
to place i thought
was a better one
with things that i thought
would be more fun
my need were met
but the greeds on rise
i took what i liked
didnt care for the price
I kept building
development it was called
destruction masked
in a creationist call
The road i took
took me far away
from the place
where once i use to play
But i want to go back
and be there again
I see my mistake
I feel the pain
I turn around
i seek the way
i see i have burnt the bridge
that would take me there