Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poor Shani Dev

If anyone knows a bit about indian astrology then they probably are aware of the dreaded planet called 'SHANI'. For those who dont - it goes like this. When this planet is strong in one's horoscope it is said that all bad things will happen in the life of the person and in case of most people this planet moves into a strong position atleast once in his/her lifetime. And during all this time due to the effect of the planet the following might occur :

1) Loss of opportunity
2) Accident
3) Mental unrest
4) Getting into bad habits
5) All sorts of troubles
6) Failures from all directions
7) Bad new from everywhere
etc etc etc - the list can go on. Basically a life of mess. [If you are to believe in this concept]

Well then i would like to consider this - say the planet is affecting you or in general any person in a bad way then i just pity the plight of the 'SHANI' itself. See if you follow a little bit of analogy here - physics says every action has an equal reaction and also there is a spiritual law that states - everything you do comes back to you in time. Well then i have a certain base to believe that if 'SHANI' is affecting my life negatively then definitely i am making his life hell at the same time. And to think that there are millions of being around and even if we say that 10% of them are being negatively affected by 'SHANI' - then i can not even imagine how miserable it must be for 'SHANI'.[For disambiguation :: i am treating 'SHANI' as a person because in indian mythology the planet is a god with the same name] That must be one miserable state to be in.

Sorry god 'SHANI' for all the miseries in my life which you have caused or in future are going to. :P

PS : Indian astrology believes that gravitational effects from the planets affects people on earth. If this is held to be true then the action reaction thing definitely holds true too. Gravitation is pretty much a verified concept.