Wednesday, April 29, 2009

10 steps from the edge .....

i saw a man with closed eyes
who said he wanted to see
he said he wanted to go north
and staunchly started walking south.

the wind blew to stop him
the earth blocked the way
the rains told him to change
the sun burned his day

With eyes tightly closed
he claimed to be right
and that he was heading the right way
albiet without sight

If only he could read the signs
if only he would open his eyes
if only he accepts .........
coz the cliff ends after his next 10 steps

will he open his eyes and turn the right way????

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Smiling moments .... :)

me: Speedometer dekh ...
rr: abey dhakkan
rr: it is not spedometer
rr: it is bhp
rr: power ka meter hai
rr: that car is 1000 BHP!!!!!
rr: ur pulsar is 15 BHP :)
me: :( tereko lekey deney wala tha
me: ja
me: ab nahi dunga
me: bas photo sey khush reh
rr: hee hee
rr: re re

To make any sense we are talking about this : BUGATTI VEYRON

Thursday, April 16, 2009

1:20 ..... i guess thats only fair

One dog bit a child : 20 dogs were killed
Next time someone hurts me : I am going to kill each of his family members.
Why? isnt it the way of the HUMAN.
To first defeat, cheat, destroy, banish, displace -
and if they hurt you - then kill them - so simple.

Whose home is it anyway?.......... ONLY MINE.

IRONICALLY : The only creature which can think - refuses to do it.

Well fine :) they say they just reclaimed new areas in HELL. So there is no longer the space issue.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hardly any difference ......

Sorry for the bad resolution : thats the best you can get for free
And also for the poor visual effects : i am not that much of an artist after all
If you can see any difference ...... please tell me

Monday, April 6, 2009

Twoday .........

a new day started
But nothing was special
neither was it new year
nor was it christmas
the sun was the same
the sky just the same
It was not the payday
it was not a holiday
I got up as i usually do
I got ready as i usually do
I went to office as i usually do
I opened my blog page as i usually do
wasnt there anything NEW to DO?

# X * X # X * X # X * X # X * X # X * X # X * X #

a new day started
and all was new
the dream i had just now
i have the chance to make true
the sun and the sky
looking down and smiling
each passing moment
reminding me not to waste it
I had an objective i give to me everyday
to see a better me at the end of the day
it could be with a smile - mine or someones else's
it could be a thought which makes me happy
it could be something new that i tried to learn
it could be a new blog i tried to write
There is so much MORE to DO ...... :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Gun and the Bullet

Strength : I have gun and i can shoot you

Courage : You can shoot me but i will still try to do it

Wisdom : I shoot or will be shot for the RIGHT reason

Fear : I am crossing no lines no matter the reason- still would you mind passing that bulletproof jacket to me

Confidence : Gun or no gun i can do it

Pragmatism : If there are chances of getting shot i better take a life jacket

Foolishness: I can NEVER be hit by a bullet

Cunningness: Shoot him we will divide the loot

Diplomacy : Dont waste your bullet on me - its not worth it.