Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Afraid to answer

Fear of the wrong answer - How much we live in that I have realized many times - just today i felt like writing about it. Just in a class i was sitting and like a million times is has happened the instructor/teacher asked a simple question. Maybe there was a bit of confusion in the answer - or maybe i created it in my mind only. I knew the answer (just like 90% of the rest of the class) but still waited for atleast 5 seconds before said it.

Now this was the time when i did speak it out - but there were a million times in the past when i did not do the same - and as i see it now - it was because i was afraid of giving the wrong answer.

This might seem trivial and also a very naturally accepted experience and i dont believe there is anyone out there who has not felt this. But there is so much behind it. This fear of giving the wrong answer is so stupid. So much ego behind not wanting to be wrong. It holds us all back. But really is it worth it?

In the bigger sense - in many ways life itself is a continuous learning class - maybe we keep quiet even in those lessons when life throws a question at us. Sometimes deny the question - sometimes deny the need for the answer. Afraid of being wrong. But all said and done - being wrong is the first step towards being right. Knowing that you are wrong - is the starting point of wanting to be right.

The most knowledgeable accept they donot know it all : The most foolish state that they know it all. Opposite states of reality.

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