Sunday, August 30, 2009

For now ....

Trying hard to write
But unable to express my thought
Blank it seems the head is
Although it thinks a lot
Tried to write an article
Just the other day
Wrote a page,CTRL-A delete
Didnt come out in the desired way
Tried to write a poem
That day about the blue sky
The thoughts were flowing
But it turned out to be one of my worst try
Loosing sight of thoughts
That come my way
Maybe these are the ones
Just not my day
Whatever it is
It will soon be gone
The inspiration in me
Would again turn on
Till that time this will have to do .......

Monday, August 17, 2009

Shouldnt it be the other way round ... ???

In the sun he burns
Rs.50 he earns
for the day's food
for which he would
have to feed four
like the day before
He has enough for his might
fill them up half tonight
A dog from the street
comes wagging at his feet
he lets him have a bite
"A good deed tonight"
hungry stomach inspite .........


I earn 25K
sit in AC all day
but if a dog comes my way
i shoo it away ........

PS : have you observed that the poor though they get so little donot let pass the opportunity to do simple good things. I have observed this many times that the labourers donot hesitate to feed the hungry dogs.
Its so funny when i observe in general the more we get the lesser we seem to be ready to give - Shouldnt it be the other way round ?????