Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unintentional Lesson

Just the other day in the cafeteria i had made a nice huge sandwich to eat. It looked green and clean, though it had chicken and cheese too in it. But in general, compared to other food stuff in the cafeteria it looked healthy. Seeing that one of my friend asked - "Are you healthy eater?"
For a while i was a bit stumped by the question, and in my mind i thought - "Healthy eater?? am I?"
I was not sure how to answer that, not because i had nothing to say to him but because i was asking that question to myself and trying to find the answer. As for him i just said - "yeah, i like to eat good", with a smile and that was it.
I eat junk once in a while - but only when there is no other option. Eating bad is sure a luxury we all use to the max - may it be in the name of taste, habit or just sheer ignorance.
The brains hopping habit - and i starting to think of things i do to my body's distaste - maybe unknowingly.
Do i eat at right time? The right things? In right amounts?
Do i sleep at the right time? In a right way? for a right duration?
Thinking of these things i realized how much i neglect by body. Well i am sure not going to get another one - so am i so confidant with the medical knowledge of our time that it can fix anything [for a price ofcourse]. Or is it just that i have not yet realized the worth of my own body.
I wear specs - have lost the beauty of vision partially, my teeth have cavities - they will be consumed soon. And these are just a few irreplaceable things i have already lost - and how much have i lived. Not as if its the end. Why do i have to drag myself to the border where i need medical attention to get back what was mine.
All said and done what my friend just did was that he made me realize it and i have decided to pay attention towards my body - taking up the responsibility to keep it fit and fine.
Unknowingly though - he helped me - he doesnt know he helped me and also he doesnt know i thank him for that.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Its all the same
Its all the one
Separation is illusion
adds to the fun
of finding the answer
that the question was wrong
Its all the same
Its all the one

No analogy to give
or example to say
Nor story to tell
Nor a theory to prove
You ask me then
How to believe you?
Its all the same
Its all the one

The sun in the sky
The stars in the night
The mouse in the ground
The cat thats out
You see with YOUR eyes
You think with YOUR brain
Its all the same
Its all the one

The stone in field
The grass so green
The man that died
and the man that killed
You see the difference
And ask your question
Its all the same
Its all the one

The waves of light
The waves in the sea
The pain, the joy
The happiness, the misery
You feel it all
You want and not
Its all the same
Its all the one

The 'You' the 'Me'
The 'They' the 'He'
Wondering Pondering
on mysteries
Of science, religion
Universe and self
Its all the same
Its all the one

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

love -> leave

You tie them and cage them - and you say you love them. You search and find them - even if they never wanted you to do that. You watch in awe when they just want to be alone. You tail them you film them and take the awards.

if you love animals
just leave animals