Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wait and watch

Just a glance that i miss
Dont know if it exists
Not a dream or desire
Nor burning in the fire
Looking at the story unfold
waiting for it to be told
enjoying my way
through the night and the day
let the mystery remain
will i lose or will i gain?
Its the illusion of things
that attachment brings
In the mirror i see
The man is smiling at me
what tomorrow will bring
tomorrow we shall see ...

Monday, October 11, 2010

One step ahead - and a look back

A : Why is this happening to me? Life cant you take some time off from stabbing at me? Oh God.... when will this end? I hate this ..... I dont know what to do .... i dont know what will happen ..

B : Relax it all gonna be alright.

A : What the .. ? Who are you and how did you come into my room? And why the hell do you look like me?

B : Relax i am you from the future.

A : How can it be - you look so happy? My life is in the dumpster.

B : I am from the time you - i mean I - will have overcome them all.

A : So this all will be over?

B : I think it is safe to assume so - believe me i am from there. And i am looking at you right now and realizing all this fussing out was so useless. I feel there was no need for all of this. But well if you think you must - you must.

-------------- XXXXXXXXXXXX ------------------

Has anyone felt like this after overcoming any problem?

It has invariably happened with me that bad times got over and then i felt - Was all the cribbing - sadness - negativity and all the pain really required when it was all going to end anyway? So i thought the next time i am going to be in a dead situation - instead of being sad that it is - i will be happy for the times yet to come when i would have had overcome it. Definitely doesnt solve anything - but clips one negative cycle out of my life - a little less time being sad and a little less time being down.

Worth it ??????

You see being sad or happy has nothing to do with changing the situation in which you are? What changes it is your actions? Being sad draws out too much energy to leave something out for effective action. So next time i am going to be stuck in life - i am going to be happy instead - happy so that i get the energy to change what i want to - not because i dont care - but actually because i do.

Friday, October 8, 2010

To live means to die

To live means to die

- with no regrets in the heart
- no sorrow of the past
- no hatred or ill will
- no dreams unlived
- with no reasons to be sad
- no grudges you might have had
- no revenge of any scar
- no worries in the heart
- no anxiety in your mind
- no burden left behind
+ with a smile on your face
- no memories of disgrace
- no moments you regret
- no people you want to forget
+ only love in your heart
+ only smile for the past
+ only thankful for what has been
+ for all the treasures you have seen
+ only calm in the eyes
- with no fears - no lies

Till you die this way
You shall live to see another day