Monday, March 30, 2009

Make your own way ..........

Man that was some traffic jam there yesterday near the silk board flyover. trucks - buses - cars - autos - bikes - all creating such a mess. No place to move at all. All stuck. Reaching home was looking impossible to me.
On my cycle then wondering if i would make it in time.

There was no way in front and definitely a no way back. I moved in front a bit - without any idea i went into the traffic. There was a small opening which i saw was there between the bus and the sumo which was not visible to me earlier. I moved into that gap. i was ahead of the sumo but still no way to go. Trying to push my way a bit here and a bit there - stopping the truck for a while and then an auto. Small verbal jabs at me here and there. I crossed the traffic jam.

And i looked back - i couldnt see the way i had come across the traffic - its like it never existed - it was there only for me when i was there and that too because i wanted to cross that jam.

Well i guess nothing ventured - nothing achieved. ;)

P.S. - ya i know i could have made the crossing the traffic part much more colourful and exciting - but that was never the point.......

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Colour me RED ...

Half slept eyes
or the drunken feel
everything zooming
like life on the reel
the director maybe
forgot the script
and left us playing
"whose line is it anyway"

I was dancing
to the music to please
That feeling to me
was the meaning
but i dont want to hurt
Empty box of chocolate
still looks like you want it

Where did this rain come from
i am fully drenched
this shiver i cannot stop
but still i am enjoying the splatter
as if i have a choice
my house is so far away
Is this blood?.......
that has coloured me red

Monday, March 16, 2009

WE ARE PROGRESSING ......... ?????

They made huge industries : introduced the world to poverty and then said - "WE ARE PROGRESSING"

They made huge vehicles : introduced the world to pollution and then said - "WE ARE PROGRESSING"

They made system of oppression : introduced the world to slavery and then said - "WE ARE PROGRESSING"

They made big cities : with dead structures by killing the living ones present and then said - "WE ARE PROGRESSING"

They made magnificent homes : after displacing the millions of innocent animals and then said - "WE ARE PROGRESSING"

They made weapons of mass destruction : introduced the world to its end and then said - "WE ARE PROGRESSING"

They made us believe that money is all : introduced us to this illusion and then said - "YOU ARE PROGRESSING"

They actually made NOTHING worthwhile : nothing that didnt destroy us and when i see around me i ask - "ARE WE PROGRESSING...?"


P.S. 'They' are 'us' - WE are the architects of our own destruction - please dont take personally - as a whole the humans are doing everything possible to end life on earth - but what can WE do - "WE ARE PROGRESSING.... (to doom ;)"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dekha hai aise bhi ......... aise hi

Dil ki tammanaao ko aasman to chootey dekha hai
Kalpana ki patang ko aasman mein jhoomtey dekha hai
Chotey chotey pattoon par baarish ki boondey
Bade ped key niche barish se chuptey dekha hai

Khilono se baatey kar khayalo key pankh lekar
Un yaadon key aasman mein khud ko udtey dekha hai
Dosto key ghar janey key liye ma sey jhagda hotey dekha hai
Dost sey bhi jhagda kar koney mein aasu bahatey dekha hai

Khwaboon key sheeshey bikhartey hue dekha hai
Bichadney par dosto ko toont tey hue dekha hai
Zindagi key bheed mein khud ko dhundhtey hue dekha hai
Udney ki chahat mein khud ko girtey hue dekha hai

Doosro ki aankhon mein khud ko dekha hai
Mohobbat ki rahoon mein khud ko khotey hue dekha hai
Khud hi khud par sheehshey mein hastey hue dekha hai
Dekha hai aise bhi kuch aise hi dekha hai

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dilemma to chose --- try section 49O

For those who donot consider that anyone of the candidates are fit to contest the election then you can also vote that you have no one to vote for.

The constitution has the provision that the citizen may chose not to vote for anyone thereby stating that he/she considers that no one is fit to be elected.

But for this you need to go to the polling centre and then state that you donot wish to vote for anyone.

So express your opinion even if you dont have anyone specific - be an aware citizen - this is what counts.................

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Its not at all difficult .......

Lets not give reasons people : we have an obligation to take part in the process which decides our future - its election time - THE largest democracy in the world going to vote.

And to be frank this is not that difficult - let me tell you few simple things about going to the election :

1) If you are Indian and above age 18 it is your supreme right to VOTE. No one even the stipulated rules can stop you from voting.
2) The only thing you need to prove is that you belong to a particular constituency. Thats all.

So the entire affair boils down to - proving that you are who you claim to be - that is the ID proof. That you are above the age of 18yrs - that is the age proof. And finally that you reside in the constituency you want to vote from - that is proof of address.

The ID proof : this can be anything that has your name and your photo on it and is recognised by the govt.

driving licence
PAN card
Company ID

The Age proof:

10th certificate
birth certificate
PAN card etc etc

The address proof:

Electricity bill
Water bill
Company letter
Driving licence
etc etc etc

AND ONE very important thing - you dont need to have a voter card to vote - you just need to have your name on the voter list of that constituency - thats all. This you can do by a simple procedure by submitting the document to the ERO office.

For those who want even a simpler process just log on to - fill out the details. take printout - submit the form. The site even gives the address of the nearest pooling center and the ERO office nearest to you.

And if you donot do even this much to participate in your countries decision making process. Then i just wonder how can you see eye to eye with the person in the mirror..........